Async/Await Understanding and Effective Usage

Async/Await Understanding and Effective Usage

Speaker: Jiří Činčura



Asynchronous, or non-blocking, programming is storming the .NET world, especially .NET Core. If you want some part (or all) of your applications to be as efficient as possible (because you’re running in the cloud and you want to pay less) or you want to squeeze every little cheap piece of performance from your code and machine, asynchronous programming is way to go.
Although it’s heaps easier nowadays than ~10 years ago, there are still some misconceptions and mistakes being repeated.
This deep-dive hands-on workshop will explain the core concepts, you’ll understand why is something done the way it’s done and finally we’ll apply it to real world problems and understand the most common mistakes people make.



The aim of this workshop is to get you up to the speed with asynchronous programming, something that basically exploded in last few years.


Topics covered:

  1. multithreaded vs asynchronous code
  2. understanding scaling using asynchronous code
  3. effective usage of asynchronicity and parallelism


Intended audience:

This workshop is for developers (with some experience with .NET) looking for understanding how asynchronous programming in .NET works, how it relates to other parts of executions, like threads, and how to use it correctly and effectively.


Required equipment:

Please bring machine to be able to try all the examples.


Required software:

SDK to be able to compile .NET/C# code. Preferably Visual Studio, but any .NET/C# environment will do.


Workshop type:

Lecture + hands-on.



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