Mastering Entity Framework Core

Mastering Entity Framework Core

Speaker: Jiří Činčura



Entity Framework Core is Microsoft’s *the* data access layer for (ASP).NET Core applications.
It’s integrated into whole .NET Core stack and a lot of pieces expect you’re using Entity Framework Core.
In this hands-on workshop we’ll refresh some basics and then dive deep into all the mappings and variations you can do to either make the model, your classes, look the way you want or to match as nicely as possible existing database structure.
We’ll use the latest version (if any), but I’ll also cover differences from Entity Framework Core 3.1, which is LTS.



The aim of this workshop is to understand all the features, mappings, migrations, …, in the latest version of Entity Framework and how to successfully use these.


Topics covered:

  1. table mappings, PK, FK keys, inheritance, alternate keys, …
  2. property mappings, sequences, HiLo, indexes, data types, …
  3. migrations


Intended audience:

This workshop is for developers (with some experience with .NET Core and databases) looking for exploring all the features available in Entity Framework Core.


Required equipment:

Please bring machine to be able to try all the examples.


Required software:

SDK to be able to compile .NET/C# code. Preferably Visual Studio, but any .NET/C# environment will do. SQL Server (any edition) installed.


Workshop type:

Lecture + hands-on.



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